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I’m Not Drunk, but I Have a Hangover

That was what happened to me on my first week in Salzburg. To be exact, on Friday, September 30th in the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) Welcoming Party.

I never drink alcohol in my life, like never ever. But, I watched western movie and tv series A LOT. So, just like any other “being drunk” stages, it all started with the first sip. The first sip is when you know it’s go time. When my mind and body were taken to another place, “a happy feeling to officially be an Erasmus student” place. I was ready to get weird and have fun!

I came from Indonesia where party mostly means birthday celebration or wedding reception. We come to the party, hugs and congratulate the person, and then eat…. as much as we can. But here, I’m going to have a party EUROPEAN STYLEEEE! I was super excited, especially since the dress code was traditional clothes. Oh yeah, I’m so gotta nailed it!

I wore the fancy traditional dress which I brought from my beloved country. The kind of dress that I’ll only wear on special occasions. I was so proud of wearing it… at first. Until, I saw most of my friends casually wore t-shirt and jeans. I felt embarrassed for a moment, but that’s the perks of being an international student. Compared to my country, people here are more open minded. Nobody will judge you by your clothes, because no one really cares what you wear. The embarrassed feeling gone quickly, poof.


This dress called Kebaya Kutu Baru in Indonesia

But, I should’ve not careless for what I wear, at least to make sure that it will be comfortable. It wasn’t about my dress, but my shoes! Since, my dress was very pretty, I also wore my pretty (but not so comfortable) shoes. That was my first week in Europe, I completely forgot that in Europe, particularly in Salzburg, I will mostly walk…. everywhere. In Indonesia, I usually ride a motorcycle or drive a car. So, shoes, whether it’s comfortable for a long walk or not, was never really a problem. But here… of course it really does matter! On the other hand, it was also a breezy night, which totally bad for someone who wore peep-toe shoes. So yeah, lesson(s) (painfully) learned.

Thank God, I could make it to the party safely. At first, I felt bizarre to attend this new kind of party which absolutely different from parties that I had in my country. Instead of foods and cakes, people here were holding a bottle of beer. But yeah, as I mentioned before, I won’t and I can’t drink. So, I finally decided to join to the dance floor. And the next “being drunk” stage begins: the buzz. The feeling you get when the ‘alcohol’ hits you. In my case, there was no alcohol on me, but I also went through this stage when your whole body feels warm and cozy, when everything becomes ten times as exciting as it was an hour ago.


Me and My Friend on the dance floor (Credit: ESN Uni Salzburg Facebook Page)

It was super fun and super new for me, but honestly, those flickering lamps made me dizzy. I wasn’t used to it. So, I left (too) early, around 12 am with my two friends.

Once again, I had to walk in my uncomfortable shoes. Worse, there was no bus available at that time. So, I walked much further than before. But, there’s always a silver lining in every bad experience. Because of this, I could enjoy Salzburg at midnight. When there was no tourist wandering around the city, everything looks bigger and magnificent! Salzburg revealed its true self to me! I was enjoying the scenery very much that I took more than two hours to finally arrived at my dorm. Somehow, the streets of Salzburg turned into my own version of party.

The next morning, I woke up late with pounding headache and weird feeling on my stomach. And just like any other hangover, this is my friend was the regret phase. No, no, the regret wasn’t for the dress or the shoes. I extremely regret for not bringing proper camera to capture the beauty of Salzburg at night. Which is why I couldn’t show you any picture of it. But, fingers crossed, hopefully I will get another chance to enjoy those kind of beauty one more time 😉

Aku Pulang

Aku pulang. Pulang pada memori masa lalu yang mulai abu-abu.

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